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Online Baccarat in Pennsylvania

One of the most popular and available games in all online casinos in Pennsylvania is Baccarat. The game is fast-paced and easy to understand. In this guide, we cover all aspects of the game from different variations in game play to basic understanding of the rules. Just like any other casino card game, baccarat also requires one to have an element of good luck. The only way to improve your luck is by having a deep understanding of the game, its rules, and coming up with a successful strategy when playing.

Baccarat online PA

Playing Online Baccarat in Pennsylvania

First off, the game only needs two players: the player and the dealer. The main goal is for every player to get 9 points or the closest amount to 9 points. Zero points are given to face cards and tens. Cards ranging from 2-9 give points depending on their face value. Aces attract one point.  Baccarat has only one round of betting which happens when the game commences.

Players have three betting options: banker, player or a tie. Unlike other casino games, a “player” does not have to bet on the “player,” but can rather bet on the “banker.” Once the bets are placed the dealer deals two cards to the banker and the player. The person who has 9 points or closest to 9 points wins the hand. The hands never take more than a minute or two to complete, even if there is a second round, which is why a good understanding of the game is important. Otherwise you could lose money and not even realize what has happened.

The second round occurs when face cards are dealt (value of 10) in a hand. At that point, the dealer will deal two more two cards. There are certain instances when a third card is dealt. Below are drawing rules in Baccarat:

  • A player is required to stand if they draw an 8 or 9
  • The player must stand if his total is 5 or 6
  • If the player stands then the banker is required to have a maximum hit of 5
  • If the player hits automatically the banker has to give the player a third card

Types of Online Baccarat Bets

There are three bets which players can choose from when playing baccarat (Player, Banker, and Tie). In addition to the three main bets, there are other side bets which players can bet on. The side bets are not very popular since their success rate is very low. Below are the types of baccarat bets:

Banker Bet

Betting on the banker means a player will be betting that the banker will have all the 9 points or is closer than the “Player” to 9 points. The Banker is the better bet and probability states that betting on the Banker will win you more over the long run. Due to this, casinos tend to charge a 5% commission on winnings. This means any winnings on the banker bet are reduced by 5%.

Player Bet

The Player Bet means that the player has 9 points or is closer to 9 points at the end of the round(s). While betting on the player seems like the better move because payouts on “Player” bets are 1:1, the house edge for Player Bets is 1.24% as opposed to the 1.06% of the Banker bet. Meaning it all depends on how long you are playing, or how you are running on whether or not the Player of the Banker bet is the smarter bet.

Tie Bet

The “Tie” bet is the most uncommon bet in the game of baccarat. That’s because the odds are completely against a tie ever occurring (house edge: 15%), with payouts coming at a whopping 8:1. Simply put, betting on a “Tie” is exactly as the name implies; you are betting that both the Player and the Banker will tie after all the rounds of cards have been dealt. While 8:1 seems like it might be worthwhile, just know that experienced baccarat players call the Tie Bet the “suckers bet.”

Side Bets When Playing Online Baccarat in Pennsylvania

Pair Bet

This bet only pays out if the cards dealt to the player are a matching pair. The banker bet and the player bet, have their special pair bet option. The payout for the pair bet is 11:1. In case the pair bet is a success then the game is stopped, the dealer pays out the winnings then continues with the game.

The Player and Banker Bonus Bets

Most pro baccarat players shy away from the bonus bets since they are uncommon and have a very low success rate. In case a banker bet or player bet draws a hand totaling to 8 or 9 points and manages to beat the opposing hand by having a minimum of 4 points, then the Bonus Bet wins. A Bonus Bet occurs when an 8 or 9 are drawn without the help of any additional help.

The Return To Player Bets

Below is a table showing the additional side bets which are Return to Player baccarat bets.

Side Bet Return To Player
Banker Pair 89.64%
Player Pair 89.64%
Perfect Pair 91.95%
Either Pair 86.29%
Player Bonus 97.35%
Banker Bonus 90.63%

The Online Baccarat Bets Payouts Chart

Bet Pay-out
Player 1:1
Banker 1:0.95
Tie 9:1 / 8:1
Player Pair 11:1
Banker Pair 11:1
Perfect Pair One Pair – 25:1  Two Pairs – 200:1
Either Pair 5:1

Baccarat Variations

Just like poker and blackjack, baccarat has several variations. The interesting thing is that the rules of the baccarat variations remain the same. The only difference in the variations in the games is the house edge. Below is the baccarat variations:

Baccarat Squeeze

The baccarat variation was created by Evolution Gaming and is only available on online casinos. The game variation follows the traditional baccarat rules. However, there are a few differences to note when playing Baccarat Squeeze.

To add an element of suspense to the game, the cards are placed face down. Unlike the traditional baccarat where the dealer deals the first cards to the Player face up. In Baccarat Squeeze, the cards are dealt facedown and depending on who has the higher wagers at the table, their cards remain hidden (“squeezed”) before eventually revealing them. Some find it annoying, others find it a fun way to add to the suspense, but it is a complete player preference game.

Punto Bunco

Up to 14 players can play at one time in this variation where the Banker and Player are referred to as Bunco and Punto respectively. The game is played 6 to 8 decks and players have no say on whether a third card should be drawn or not. The game is available online and has a dedicated table games lobby. So just think of it like regular online baccarat, but turned up to 11.

Live Speed Baccarat

If you are a Baccarat enthusiast who loves speed then the Live Speed Baccarat would be the best option. The typical round lasts about 48 seconds, but when the game picks up the time is reduced to around 27 seconds. The game was created by Evolution Gaming and follows the traditional baccarat games.


Baccarat is one of the oldest card games in history. The game is entirely a game of chance and relies on the cards which you are dealt by the dealer. Many people enjoy the game because there is no need for players to make any decision outside of where they want to place their money at the outset. Expert baccarat players point out that there is no definite strategy on how to play the game, but simply to have a very deep understanding of the game.