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Online Baccarat Tips and Strategy

Playing online baccarat is perhaps one of the most thrilling yet simple online casino games out there.

But therein lies the rub; what makes baccarat so exciting is its simplicity. Plus, it comes with plenty of charms coupled with huge payouts and because it is simple, it is an especially enjoyable game for newbies looking for something to spike their adrenaline levels. After all, it doesn’t get any more real than when you put actual money into the game, right?

Here are some simple, effective ways you can improve your online baccarat game and increase your chances of any potential wins:

Don’t Be a Sucker! Avoid the Tie Bet in Online Baccarat

Any experienced baccarat player would advise that you exclude the Tie bet entirely. With odds of 8:1, the Tie bet looks extremely attractive, especially to newbies of the game. Simply put, you can cash in a lot from betting on the Tie.

However, what disrupts this seemingly excellent plan is that the Tie bet is the least likely possible outcome of all three scenarios. If you actually hit it, the Tie will reap you huge payouts. But it’s usually what suckers bet on in the game, not professionals. Try to stay away from this wager if you want to protect your bankroll.

Learn the Odds of Online Baccarat in Pennsylvania

Every casino gambling guru will tell you to master the odds of the game you’re playing before putting your money down. Some expert players even believe that keeping up with the odds can make you an active gambler, if not a lucky one.

Familiarizing yourself with the odds at all times will increase your odds of winning eventually. The same goes for baccarat gaming. Remember, baccarat has only one of three possible outcomes. Therefore, it’s critical to know what odds to expect from each outcome before playing online baccarat in PA. It might seem like a simple thing to say, “not the odds,” but you would be surprised how many players literally don’t know their chances when they put their money down.

Bet on The Player When Your Bets Progressively Increase

Most baccarat enthusiasts study different betting strategies and end up settling for Martingale, a progressive betting strategy. However, such a betting system works best when you opt for the Player bet, depending on each stake’s outcome.

The Martingale strategy proposes that you double your bet each time you lose with the hope of eventually winning and recovering your losses. What makes this a risky strategy is that you risk losing a lot of your bankroll using this strategy. Because the simple question remains; what if your luck doesn’t turn around?

On such a progressive model, you stand a much higher chance of actually recouping your losses when you bet on “the Player” because it does not have the extra juice of “the Banker” bets. Which leads us to our next tip…

The Best Bet in Online Baccarat in PA is to Bet on The Banker

Many more baccarat experts would advise that you place your bets on the Banker. Many analyses have ended up with the conclusion that betting on the Banker increases your chances of winning significantly. And although the Banker and Player’s odds are close, statistics and stakes show that the Banker is often still a more favorable choice (1.24% House Edge vs .1.06% House Edge).

The Banker is a low-risk wager. Also, it suits players that prefer a more stable session compared to bettors looking for an adrenaline-packed game where they are running against the odds with Tie Bets and Player Bets.

Watch Baccarat Versions with Six Decks

As a standard, online baccarat is played with eight decks of cards and you will almost never find a baccarat table with six decks of cards. But if you somehow find yourself at one, make the best of the opportunity since it’s mostly a smaller shoe game. Therefore, the commission on bets placed will be lower.

The range can go from 2.75% up to 4% as opposed to the standard 5%. The lower overall house advantage also makes the six-deck baccarat more beneficial. Don’t miss out on a chance to try out the combination of these favorable aspects.

Play Shorter Sessions to Stay More Alert

In almost all betting games, either online or at the actual casino, playing shorter sessions often works in your favor. There are several reasons for this. First, the house edge becomes more prevalent, the more you prolong your gaming. In the long run, there’s very little you can do to prevent the casino from grabbing the money it was already bound to win.

You can, however, shorten your gaming sessions and play more wisely. Determine the number of sessions that you want to play and stick to them. Plus, if you do this you can also note all accomplishments and learn from your wins and losses.

You’ll less likely be pressured to chase losses if you accept and are prepared for such outcomes as well. Prepare yourself for the sessions to come.

Stick to A Predetermined Betting Strategy

A critical rule of baccarat gaming is once you choose a specific strategy to boost your gaming, don’t try to bend the rules of it. You’ll be sorely mistaken if you think that you can beat the system. Any amount of experience or research you do doesn’t count here. This rule is meant more for bettors who don’t take losses too well.

Most betting strategies predict the number of losses to a certain level, and you must accept this along with other rules that come with these strategies. Remember, there’s no room for emotions, especially when you’re about to get technical at the baccarat table. Leave emotion out of gambling as much as possible and you will find yourself enjoying the entire experience a whole lot more.

Slow Down When Playing Online Baccarat in PA

It’s no secret that baccarat gameplay is very fast-paced, especially when playing online Baccarat in PA. Eventually, the whole ordeal becomes mesmerizing, and you end up pressing the Rebet button automatically without even noticing.

The secret is to try not to act so impulsively when each hand ends. Try and continue with the current settings without acting irrationally. Illogical gaming is what will lose you money and erode your bankroll even quicker. You’re in control of your bets. You may not be in control of what happens on the screen, but at least control the pace of the game.

Bankroll Management Is Part of The Work

Managing your bankroll like a pro is a critical aspect of becoming an expert bettor. Every seasoned gamer will tell you that wagering comes with wins and losses and you’re bound to suffer a couple of losing sessions. However, every gambler has those days where winning streaks seem to be the call of the day.

This transfers to your bankroll. You must have enough money in your bankroll to get you through all the tough times. Managing and protecting your bankroll should be your top priority. Never let your ambitions or desperation get the best of you. Ensure, therefore, that you don’t add any more than you can spend on your gambling.

Quit While You’re Winning

As a bettor, you’ve probably heard this a hundred times before. Well, there’s definite truth to it. As ridiculous as it sounds, try always to quit while you’re still ahead. Stick to this, and you’ll always leave the online betting site a satisfied baccarat player.

Think about how much you want to win before you initiate every online baccarat round. Imagine a reasonable loot from the online platform and the amount you’ll be comfortable quitting the game with at the end of the day. Remember, you can always come back another day and try your luck. There’s no need to rush anything, especially when you’re winning.

Additional Information for online baccarat

How to Find A Good Baccarat Website

  1. Safe and Secure Casino Websites

You don’t have to be a genius to know that your personal details and money are of paramount importance, especially when doing anything online. Gambling online with real money poses a lot of risks. After all, you don’t want your account to be hacked and personal information or hard-earned winnings stolen.

That’s why looking for and sticking to only regulated online casinos is the way to go. Using a trusted site ensures a happier online gambling experience.

While on the subject of security, you must also know the type of baccarat website you’re gambling with and ensure it practices fair shuffling. If possible, check whether the site uses above-board Random Number Generators for fair gambling.

  • Offers a Big Welcome Bonus

Enticing new business with promises of riches is the best way of gaining new customers so most online casinos in Pennsylvania have Welcome Bonuses you can take advantage of. These include signup and first-time deposit bonuses for new customers. What this really means is simply you a chance of earning free cash for playing.

Usually, the bonus will be 100% up to a certain amount. It works like this: you have to sign up and make your first deposit into your account with a special promo code. Then you start playing through a certain amount of hands to get paid out the bonus. 

  • 24/7 Customer Support Is Important

Every reputable online betting service has a reliable customer support service that will address any and all issues you have regarding your account. Every good casino has excellent customer support. However, not every casino was created equal. Some casinos offer customer support only during the day while others provide 24-hour customer support.

It highly unlikely that a good online casino will have unhelpful and unknowledgeable customer service, but it always something to watch out for.

  • A Vast Range of Betting Limits

Most good online casinos have a broad range of betting limits to suit every bettors’ budget. After all, not everybody will be comfortable with signing up for a baccarat casino only to realize that the site only caters to high rollers. Reputable casinos consider all kinds of bettors and give everyone a chance to try their luck at winning a few bucks.


Online baccarat gambling is one of the most enjoyable games you can play and it owes its popularity to its simplicity. When it is all said and done, you really have three options on the table: The Player, the Banker, or Tie. If you a beginner just trying to dip your toes into the water of online casinos in PA, Baccarat just might be the game for you. So, sign up at a reputable online baccarat today and who knows? You may end up smiling to the bank.