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Online Blackjack Tips and Strategy

Top 5 Mistakes Made By Online Blackjack Players

Playing blackjack for real money can be very exciting. Thanks to many online casinos in Pennsylvania, blackjack enthusiasts have a wide variety of online blackjack variants to play. Online blackjack can be accessed from the browser version and from many of the mobile apps of the online casinos in Pennsylvania.

Just like the actual blackjack in a brick and mortar casinos, online blackjack needs the player to be alert and smart when they are in front of their computer, phone, or tablet. Any mistake you make when playing blackjack can greatly increase the house edge and reduce your chances of winning. Below are the top 5 mistakes you need to avoid when playing online blackjack PA.

Picking the Wrong Online Casino When Playing Online Blackjack

There are many online casinos in PA offering players a chance to play online blackjack for real money. The online casino you pick is very important. If you end up picking the wrong casino then you might be a victim of cheating and even be unable to access your wins. Players in PA have an easy way of identifying online casinos which are legitimate and reputable.

Check is the casino is regulated and licensed by the PGCB. If it’s not registered by this regulatory body then the online casino is not reputable. It really is that simple. The other way would be to check online reviews of that particular casinos, like we have here on Pennsylvania-Bet; where we offer detailed reviews on all legit online casinos in Pennsylvania.

Pick the online casinos which have a very good reputation in the industry, and which we have given positive reviews. Other important factors to consider when choosing where to play online blackjack in Pennsylvania: which online casinos have multiple online blackjack variations, is there a live dealer for online blackjack, and how efficient is the customer support.

Ignoring the Basic Strategies of Playing Online Blackjack

All the experienced online blackjack players you will meet always have a deep understanding of the game. This involves learning the basic strategy of the game. Basic blackjack strategy plays an important role in lowering the house edge and move the odds in favor of the players and you will find that the same strategy you use at brick and motor casinos is the same strategy you can use when playing online blackjack. Remember though, a major difference between regular blackjack and online blackjack is the virtual deck is shuffled after every single hand if you are playing the Random Number Generator version whereas a live dealer does not reshuffle after every hand.

Also important to note, online blackjack in Pennsylvania is different than regular blackjack in one very important way; the minimum at most online casinos is $1 as opposed to regular casinos where you usually have minimums of $10, $15, or $25.

Poor Management of Your Bankroll

Failure to effectively manage your bankroll will leave you hurting so make sure you pay attention to what you can handle when playing online blackjack in Pennsylvania and what you cannot handle. Moreover, the second you start slipping and taking more losses, it can become frustrating and you can become discouraged. You might think the best way to deal with that is to be more on the next hand; DO NOT DO THAT!

But how do you decide a proper bankroll? Most pro players use the online blackjack strategy of starting with a 50X minimum wager (in other words, if you have $500 that you want to spend playing online blackjack, play at a $5 minimum table). This method gives the player a chance to overcome the ups and downs of blackjack which is the essence of all gambling games.

The other way to manage your bankroll is by growing your bankroll by making use of all the available promotions, bonuses and offers. Make sure to read the wagering requirements of the bonuses and promotions before signing up for them and we keep track of all the latest bonuses and promotions on our promotions page.

The last thing is knowing when to walk away from a game be it after winning or losing. The discipline of leaving the game is very important and one of the most important blackjack strategies used by all expert players. There are many sad tales of players making 10 times their bankroll in a short time span, only to lose it hours later in a marathon session. So set your limit for how much you can lose, but also set a limit for when it is time to cash out.

Playing the Wrong Online Blackjack Variant

Different online PA casinos offer different blackjack variants. Before you start playing any blackjack game it’s good to make sure you fully understand the rules about the game. Don’t pick any online blackjack table based only on the side bets. These side bets offered by casinos ultimately increase the house’s edge, and unless you get supremely lucky, you will lose more and faster in the long run.

The best online blackjack is the one that uses the standard rules of blackjack used in live casinos. Such a game will have zero gimmicks or requirements which will affect the RTP (Return to Player) of the game. Remember though, you can still choose tables with the side bets, but don’t rely on the side bets as a means of making more money in the long run.

 No. 5 Mistake Made by Online Blackjack Players: Being Impatient and Greedy

What most new players need to understand is that blackjack has it’s up and downs. Or sometimes most noticeable, it’s downs and ups. Sometimes you can sit down at a table and immediately start taking loss after loss after loss. You’re at a table where the dealer never busts and every time you have 20, he has 21. Well, luck changes. Be patient. As bad as the run might feel, odds are you are liable to go on a run of good luck.

Sometimes, getting a run of good cards takes time and when they do come, take advantage of the run and play appropriately to try and increase your bankroll without getting greedy. If you had a bad run and are now running hot, ride it and up your bets, but don’t get too greedy. Once your luck starts changing and you hit three of four bad hands in a row, don’t try to double and triple down to recoup the sudden losses. Cut yourself off, realize you did a good job waiting out a bad run to hit a good one, and leave the table with your pride (and money) intact.