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The Latest Coronavirus Sports Updates in Pennsylvania

This is our world now. A sports world in the time of Coronavirus means there are no sports to be played in America. So what can we do? What leagues, what teams, and what athletes are still trying to work their way to a solution and get us the sports we so desperately crave? While we might get excited over new uniform reveals and different trades, what we really crave right now is actual action. Knowing that, Pennsylvania-Bet is here to provide you with all the latest updates on all your favorite sports and leagues.

We know at this point that the major American sports leagues are pretty much on a hiatus until the governmental restrictions are lifted. That means leagues which were hitting their finals laps (the NBA and the NHL), are the most affected and will have the most important updates (and even more important if there are no updates). Major League Baseball is also in a pinch because of the nature of the sport, where players and pitchers need several weeks if not a full month to acclimate their bodies to the rigors of playing every day. We know they will not have a full season if they do end up playing a season at all, and so we’ll keep you up to date with them.

The one outlier in the major American sports is the NFL, where they still have a long time left in their offseason before things pick by up as scheduled in the late summer months and hopefully start their season in the fall. As of right now, the NFL has the best chance of going on as normal.

When it comes to the ulterior sports like the PGA, UFC, and NASCAR, it will be interesting to see how things develop with those leagues. Will they be the first to return because of their unique formats, and will they be the canaries in the coal mines for the rest of American sports? Only time will tell, but as time tells, we will keep you updated with all the latest Coronavirus sports news in Pennsylvania.