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Duck Hodges Downs Steelers Odds, But Pittsburgh Controls Own Destiny

For all that may be written this week in the Three Rivers area about Devlin Hodges performance, for all the discussion about should the Steelers go back to Mason Rudolph, the chatter about the run game, we were reminded about one thing above the others in the Pittsburgh loss.

Buffalo has a really good defense.

Maybe Hodges had a bad game. Maybe Conner couldn’t find a hole. Whatever it was, it wasn’t all the fault of the Steelers’ offense. As a whole, however, Pittsburgh has to live with the consequences. Those aren’t as severe and the Steelers have the Texans to thank for that.

With Houston beating Tennessee, Pittsburgh still controls its own destiny to make it into the playoffs. If both the Steelers and Titans win out, both are 10-6. With no head-to-head matchup, with both teams rolling the table, Pittsburgh would claim the final wild card slot by virtue of a better divisional record. Easy, right?

*Peeks at the remaining schedule*

Um, maybe not.

How the Steelers Odds Will Change with Their Remaining Schedule

A rejuvenated Jets team who is 5-5 since Sam Darnold returned from mono awaits this week followed by the Ravens to close the season. Even with a pair of tough games, the Steelers still find themselves on solid ground in the playoff race, given that the Titans have to play the Saints and then are at the Texans, puts the odds in Pittsburgh’s favor.

Speaking of odds…the Black and Gold is a three-point favorite on the road at the Jets. While New York is playing better, I still see the Steelers winning the game and edging closer to the postseason. While Jamal Adams is everything you can hope for in the secondary of the Jets, they don’t have the total shutdown ability that Buffalo does and the Pittsburgh defense has played well for the majority of the season.

Take the Steelers to cover.

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