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Eagles Week 6 Recap: Eagles Can’t Back Up Pregame Chatter in Loss to Vikings

My dad had a saying when I was growing up: “Make sure brain is engaged before setting mouth in motion.” It was his way of reminding me to think before you speak.

Paging Zach Brown…Dad on line one.

The, now former, Eagles’ linebacker called out his old Washington teammate in Kirk Cousins, saying if you’re a defense, you want Cousins to throw the ball. You want the ball in his hands because he’s what is holding the Vikings back. Well 333 yards and four touchdowns later for Cousins and Philadelphia is left wondering how they turned in such a dismal defensive performance again.

One answer is that, except for the Jets and Redskins, the Eagles have faced some good quarterbacks this year. Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford, Aaron Rodgers, and now Cousins. When they’ve faced teams with mid or low level QBs (see the Sam Darnold-less Jets), the defense has been better. But when your next four games include the likes of Tom Brady and Russell Wilson…

If there is a bright spot for the Birds, it was that Carson Wentz finally put up some decent numbers in a game. He completed 65 percent of his passes, threw for over 300 yards, and two scores. Alshon Jeffrey caught 10 passes. Any time you have 10 grabs, it’s a big number, but it represents that Philly may finally have a second option back, which should open things up a bit for Zach Ertz, who seems to be missing a bit of his connection with Wentz this season.

Eagles Odds and Preview for Week 7: the NFC East is WIDE Open

So now the real season begins. Unless someone catches fire, the NFC East is going to be a division winner in the postseason and that’s it. That division winner should still be either the Eagles or Cowboys, who play on Sunday night. Doug Pederson added fuel to the fire in the rivalry by saying “we’re going to go down to Dallas, our guys will be ready to play. And we’re gonna to win that football game and when we do, we’re in first place in the NFC East.”

You normally don’t hear the head coach of a team guarantee a win. If there’s any time you can do it though, maybe it’s now when, even coming off a bad road loss and having to play on the road again, you know your opponent’s house is in worse shape than yours. The Cowboys have looked rather abysmal in the last couple of games putting Jason Garrett on the, at the very least, uncomfortably warm seat. Even with that, Dallas opens as a three-point favorite in the game. With as bad as Dallas has played, including a loss to the Jets last week, it’s hard to see why they’re favored. With as Jekyll and Hyde as the Eagles have been, maybe it’s understandable. I don’t know if I trust them enough though to stay within a couple points in this one. They could win outright in a blowout. They could lose by 10. This Philadelphia team is an enigma at the moment and until we see some consistent play, they’re a tough bet, especially on the road.

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