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Golf Betting in Pennsylvania

Sports betting is legal in Pennsylvania and online sportsbooks are about to launch. Once that happens, golf betting will be available at several online sportsbooks. You’ll be able to bet on your favorite golfers and on the largest tournaments in golf.

Golf betting works a bit differently than betting on baseball, football, or even hockey. Continue reading to learn more about golf betting, how to bet on golf, and they types of bets and golf odds offered at PA online sportsbooks.

Golf betting PA

Where to Bet on Golf in Pennsylvania?

Online sports betting in Pennsylvania is launching soon and once that happens, golf betting will be available at a minimum of seven online casinos. All of the following casinos are have received online sports betting licenses and are expected to launch by July:

  • Rivers Casino
  • Presque Isle Casino
  • Valley Forge Casinos
  • SugarHouse Casino
  • Harrah’s Philadelphia
  • Parx Casino
  • Hollywood Casino

How to Bet on Golf

Since golf is an individual game rather than a team sport, golf betting works a bit differently. Overall, golf is a bit easier to bet on than other sports. Below we will go over how to bet on golf.

Understanding Odds – Golf odds are straightforward and work on a similar concept as a moneyline bet. A bet with negative odds tells you how much you must bet on a player to win $100. Bets with positive odds tell you how much you must win. If you bet Tiger Woods at -150, you must wager $150 to earn a $100 profit.

Here are the most common bets you’ll run across for golf.

Outright – This is the simplest bet in golf as you’re betting who will win the tournament. It is also the riskiest bet, meaning your player has to win in order to pay off.

Top 5 or Top 10 – For this bet, you’re betting on whether your player will finish in the Top 5 or Top 10 in a tournament. You won’t win as much on these bets, you have better odds of your bet hitting.

Making the Cut – This is a prop bet where you bet on whether a player will make or miss the cut.

Head-to-Head – A popular option for golf betting, your bet on which of two players will have a lower score at the end of the tournament. If Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia are matched in head-to-head, you can bet on who will have the lowest score.

Live Betting – If you don’t want to worry about fluctuating golf odds or want to see how players are performing in early rounds, you can take advantage of Live golf betting. This way, if your favorite player is not performing well, you can hold off on betting on them for the event. Note that your odds will be lower for live betting, but you give yourself a better shot at winning once you start placing your bets once you see how players are performing.

Which Golf Tournaments Can I Bet on in Pennsylvania?

Online sportsbooks in Pennsylvania will allow you to bet on most major golf tournaments from around the world. The majority of golf betting will center around the PGA Tour in the United States but you should be able to bet on many European Tour event.

Popular events to bet on are the Major championships such as the Masters, US Open, the PGA Championship and the Open Championship. Millions are wagered on these events annually and now you’ll be able to bet on these events at Pennsylvania online sportsbooks.