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Philadelphia Phillies Betting

The Philadelphia Phillies are one of two Major League Baseball franchises in Pennsylvania. With a history dating back to the last 1800s, the Phillies have a dedicated fan base and are one of the few teams in the Major League Baseball that are seeing steadily improving attendance numbers at games in recent years.

Learn more about the Phillies, including the general outlook on the team for 2019 and beyond. Also, learn a little about betting on Philadelphia Phillies betting options in Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia Phillies betting PA

One of the Oldest Teams in Major League Baseball

The Philadelphia Phillies is one of the oldest teams in the National League. First founded as the Philadelphia Quakers in 1883, they later changed their name to the Phillies in 1890. Over the years, the team has managed to win seven NL Pennants, with their last coming in 2009. They also have 11 NL East titles, winning five straight from 2008 through 20011.

Despite being one of the oldest teams in the NL, they have only managed to win two World Series titles. Their first came in 1980, and their last was in 2008. The last time the Phillies reached the playoffs was 2011, which also was their last winning season.

Since then, the team has been in a rebuilding mode. However, it appears that the team may be ready to move forward as a playoff contender.

Team Outlook for 2019 and Beyond

Prior to the start of the 2019 season, the Phillies signed several players in hopes of turning around the club’s fortunes. Their biggest acquisition was free agent right fielder Bryce Harper. They signed him to 13-year $330 million contract.

The team also acquired J.T. Realmuto, Andrew McCutchen, Jean Segura, and David Robertson and all are expected to make considerable contributions to the team. With the signing of Harper and others, many hope the Phillies to become immediate contenders and many experts are giving the Philadelphia Phillies odds of being one of the best teams in baseball over the next few years.

Betting on the Phillies at Pennsylvania Sportsbooks

If you’re looking to bet on the Phillies, then you should check out Philadelphia sportsbooks. Online sportsbooks will launch later in 2019, and multiple sites will offer Philadelphia Phillies betting. You will be able to bet on every game of the regular season, and the playoffs should the Phillies make it.

PA online sportsbooks will offer some of the best Philadelphia Phillies odds and will provide a wide variety of betting options for everything from futures to prop betting and more. With the signing of Bryce Harper and other stars, the next few years promise to be an exhilarating time for Philadelphia Phillies fans, and you can get your piece of the action by taking part of Philadelphia Phillies betting on PA online sportsbooks.