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Philadelphia Eagles Odds Tracker: Missing: One Philadelphia Eagles Dynamic Offense

Haven’t we seen this movie before? The Philadelphia Eagles hype train sells us a great show between two good teams only to have the performance be flat and uninspired; a good script wasted by performances that look merely like players going through the motions?

Welcome to the theater that is the 2019 Eagles. Again.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. The Patriots have a really good defense. Let’s also recognize that injuries have played a role. But at the end of the day, even without DeSean Jackson, the Eagles offense should be better than this. It should be better than 255 yards. It should be better than 50 percent passing. It should be better than 3.9 yards per play.

But it wasn’t Sunday and that’s why Philadelphia is 5-5 and currently on the outside of the postseason looking in with its only chance to make it being to catch Dallas and win the division. Forget the wild card, that ship sailed a couple weeks ago.

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Why though. What has happened that turned this season into such a wreck? Well, we can start with #11. Carson Wentz came into this year with MVP aspirations. He has been anything but. He’s 18th in the league in passing yards and has been sacked 25 times. Now, part of the problem is that some of his receivers couldn’t catch a cold in December in Alaska much less a football, but that’s not the sole issue with the passing game.

There almost seems to be a disinterested disconnect between Wentz and any receiver not named Zach Ertz. There was a bonafide matching between Nick Foles, Alshon Jeffrey, and Nelson Agholor that just doesn’t exist with Wentz under center. While there may not be the magic of Saint Nick anymore, I think Eagles fans would take it if Wentz and his receivers could even be in the same chapter of the playbook, much less the same page.

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Which leads us to the inexplicable lack of use from the running game. No one is asking for Jordan Howard to mimic Christian McCaffrey, but 4.4 yards per carry is a solid total. So why then has he only rushed the ball more than 15 times twice this season? We’ve talked a lot about Doug Pederson trying to prove he’s the smartest guy in the room by doing the unconventional. Sometimes, being the smartest is by doing what works.

As we look ahead, the Eagles are home to a rested Seattle team that is coming off its bye. The Eagles are a 2.5 point favorite in this one. That line is an absolute gift…If you’re putting down money on the Seahawks. Most people will tell you about the trends of west coast teams coming east to play early games and having dreadful results. Seattle is different though. In its last 19 games coming to play in the eastern time zone, the Seahawks are 13-5-1 against the spread. Given that they should win the game outright, getting points is a bonus.

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