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Eagles Odds and Week 7 Recap: Eagles Allow 37+ For Second Week in a Row

That was a dud. In the simplest terms, the most convenient definitions, that was a dud. There’s not much of another way to describe the Eagles 37-10 loss to the Cowboys.

I mean there are, but in the interests of keeping this a family show, we won’t use them.

Perhaps it’s a matter of keeping their mouths shut. Two weeks ago, now former team member Zach Brown said that Kirk Cousins was the weakest part of the Minnesota offense. Cousins threw four touchdowns and the Vikings scored 38 points. Next up, Doug Pederson said Philadelphia would go to Dallas and win the game. We saw how well that went.

So what’s next for an Eagles team that’s set to play its third straight road game against a team that’s .500 or better at the time of the matchup? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the need to limit turnovers. Philadelphia coughed it up seven times combined between the Vikings and Cowboys. The majority of them—four—have been on fumbles.

But that also leaves three on interceptions. We’ve said all season that Carson Wentz just looks off. The timing, the rhythm, it just isn’t there. Finally, there is a cry amongst Eagles fans to hold Wentz accountable. It had Spears previously been the lack of a run game, receivers under performing, and to be fair, those are definitely factors. But overall, for a player who came into the season with legitimate MVP aspirations, Wentz play has fallen well short of the mark.

Oh yeah, the defense has been putrid too: Combine poor QB play with a porous secondary that would struggle against some local high schools and its a recipe for exactly what we have right now. A team that’s 3-4, somehow only a game out in its division, and that has a very favorable December schedule.

Philadelphia Eagles Week 8 Preview and Eagles Odds: Eagles Head to Buffalo as Underdogs

To get to December, you have to go through November. That’s where the season will be made or broken Philadelphia’s next for opponents are a combined 20-6 this season. That’s an arduous gauntlet for any team, but especially one that’s struggling so mightily to fix problems on the fly.

The stretch begins with Buffalo this week where the Eagles are 1.5 point underdogs. When the line is less than a field goal, you’re basically saying to win the bet, Philadelphia would need to win the game outright, something I just don’t see the Eagles doing at the moment. The over/under sits at 43.5. Given that we don’t know which offense will show Il for either team, I’d take the under as the safer bet.

One thing Philadelphia has done under Pederson is come up with the performances it’s needed when it seems like it’s in its biggest moments of despair. The Eagles will need to summon that sort of effort against the Bills if they want to save their season.

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