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Online Slots Tips and Strategy

If you are a lover of slot machines then you have come across many theories and suggestions from people on how to win bigger when pulling the (now almost only figurative) level. The same case applies to online slots enthusiasts. Some advice can be good others can be bad.

However, the best advice comes from experts who are good at the game and have made it their living playing slots. There are many tricks you can use when playing online slots, and while some swear by them, remember, not all of them will work for everyone. You need to pick the best tips that will suit you and your temperament. Here are 10 tips for playing online slots in Pennsylvania:

Utilizing the Welcoming Bonus

Almost all online casinos have welcome bonuses for their new players. These deposit casino bonuses are free money which increases your bankroll and therefore gives you a higher chance of winning. There are two main types of welcome bonuses:

  • Sign up bonus
  • 100% match on first deposit

There are online casinos that offer both bonuses. Also, the number of bonuses vary from one online casino to another. It’s smart to check the wagering requirements and the life span of the bonuses so that you don’t end up wasting your welcome bonus, but almost all casinos allow you to use the welcome and deposit bonuses on online slots.

Checking out the Competition

Online casinos are always competing with each other to attract new players. This kind of competition can be very beneficial to online enthusiasts because each casino tries to differentiate itself and offers different features to lure more players their way. These features include casino bonuses and free spins, but every casino has different wagering requirements attached to these features.

The wagering requirement is the multiplier which states the amount of money a player must wager/ bet before the bonus money is released as cash into the players’ account. Look for bonuses and promotions offered in the online slot games which don’t have a limit to the amount of money you can cash out.

Look for Online Slots That Are Loose

If you are a beginner then you might not have heard of the “Loose Slots.” The term dates back to when some slot machines experienced some mechanical defect. The defect affected the slot making it lose and hence offering more frequent payouts to players. But with online slots, the random number generating (RNG) software is used.

The easiest way to spot a “Loose Slot” is by looking at how frequent payouts are made by the online slot game and seeing which slots have a higher expected RTP (return to player). You can find the expected RTPs and how to play each game with a little bit of internet sleuthing.

Knowing Which Online Slots to Focus On

There are different online slot variants. A good online slot strategy tip to follow is knowing which slots are worth your time. If you are playing for a long time and have received little to no winning spins, then its best to move to another game. Always remember, online slots are governed by RNGs so every spin of the reel is considered to be a unique event.

Just because you are wagering more money on an online slot doesn’t mean your chances of winning are higher on that particular online slot. The Random Number Generator makes sure that every spin you make stands an equal chance of being the winning spin (or the losing one). If you keep on losing then you should try your luck on another online slot machine. It might sound silly, but simply put, walking away from a tight slot is one of the most famous slots strategies used by experts.

Local or Network Online Slots Jackpots

When playing online slots you will be offered two kinds of jackpots: local jackpots and network jackpots. The Local Jackpots are tied to a particular casino, hence the jackpot money is generated from the casino players, who are playing that particular slot. The jackpot of this type of slot varies from one casino to the other. 

The Network Jackpots, on the other hand, offer a wider pool of players from different participating online casinos. These jackpots are available in multi-slot forms. A group of online casinos come together to offer their players a mega jackpot.

Playing a local jackpot is usually better because the network online slots mean you have to deal with different slots, different rules, different rates and different wagering requirements. Most importantly though, while the local jackpot will be smaller compared to the network jackpot, you stand a higher chance of winning.

Utilizing Your Free Spins Correctly

Free spins are one of the bonuses offered by online casinos to attract new players and retain their current players. Free spins are found in specific online slots so it is always a good idea to see which slots present you with the opportunity to earn free spins. Also, make sure you check where some online casinos let you use the free spins and maybe try out a new slot with your free spins in order to expand your horizons or go after a game you have been hesitant on, but didn’t want to lose your money on.

Betting the Maximum Or Not

It’s common for many websites to advise players to bet the maximum. However, many of the experts advise against doing this depending on the slot. The rationale of betting the maximum is so you maximize the many pay, increasing the possibility of winning across multiple lines while also upping your chances of winning big on a single line.

The thing to remember is that online slots have different levels of volatility. Slots with high volatility tend to have payouts that are big but not very frequent. Slots with lower volatility make frequent low payouts.

Therefore, when looking at the volatility of online slots, its best to go for the slots with lower volatility, meaning while you might be getting smaller wins, the chances are you are winning more frequently. Also, playing the less volatile slots and not betting the maximum every time gives you a chance to expand your bankroll and let it live longer if you are on a bad run.

Checking the Pay Tables

Never make the mistake of playing any slot game without checking the pay tables. No need to risk your money without doing some research on the pay tables and without figuring out the best slots to play.

Every online slot has a unique pay table. This means there are tiny variations in the pay tables, which ultimately affect your bankroll in the long run. Pay Tables are one of the key features present in online slots and can be used to increase your bankroll.

Master the Demo Mode of Online Slots in Pennsylvania

There is no better way to practice any online casino game than playing the game on demo mode. The demo options give you a chance to try out the different strategies, learn about the rules, and how to bet without spending actual money. With the demo mode, a beginner can learn about the pay tables, the multipliers, and all the features of online slots. Other online casinos offer even bonus rounds, which is another thing to incorporate when trying to understand the odds. Once you have mastered the game in demo mode then you are ready to start wagering real money.

Special Bonuses Offered by Online Casinos

Once in awhile, online casinos offer unexpected bonuses for their players. These special bonuses offer a great way of increasing your bankroll. The special bonuses can be weekly, seasonal, or during special holidays. The deals tend to be very generous and are meant to lure players back. Other special bonuses can be brought about by a New Game Launch. Always look at the promotions and bonuses sections of your online casino to get a list of the latest bonuses.

Overall the best way to play online slots is having a strategy that will increase your chances of winning. Equipping yourself with as much knowledge as possible about online slots will help you in picking the correct online slot, betting technique, and avoiding fatal mistakes hen playing.