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Steelers Odds Tracker: Steelers Stunk and Oh Yeah, A Brawl

I know the primary topic of conversation surrounding the Steelers-Browns game has been the fight that broke out in the final five minutes. Let’s for a moment say there have been enough words, soundbites, and minutes of video dedicated to that subject and focus on the game itself.

Um, what the heck happened out there?

Last week, we praised Pittsburgh for its efforts in clawing back into postseason picture, admired is versatility, and suggested Mike Tomlin should get serious Coach of the Year consideration.

What happened to the Steelers set the tone for the weekend in the NFL, as several games had surprising results — baltimore drubbing Houston, the Falcons ripping the Panthers to shreds, and major comebacks needed by Minnesota and Dallas — but Pittsburgh’s floundering against Cleveland is very possible the one that has the biggest impact on the league going forward this season.

The Steelers offense looked lost against the Browns. Mason Rudolph tossed four interceptions against a Cleveland team that had just eight in nine games coming in. The running back by committee couldn’t get anything going as Pittsburgh totaled 58 yards on the ground against a team that was giving up north of 130 rushing yards per game coming in. Basically, it was a disaster.

So what better time to have the Bengals appear on the schedule?

The Pittsburgh Steelers Odds Look Rosy in Week 12—Cause the Bengals are on Deck

Yes, it’s a road game. Yes, the Steelers are 1-3 on the road this season. But it’s Cincinnati. A team that Pittsburgh has won eight straight against and 16 of the last 20. The Black and Gold is a seven-point favorite in this one and I’d look at this as a get right game for Pittsburgh as it looks to maintain some sort of foothold in the AFC playoff race. Should they cover? Definitely.

Interesting note though… the Bengals have done a good job in the keeping games close that Vegas thinks should be blowouts. In the last 11 games Cincinnati has been a dog by seven points or more, it’s 8-3 against the spread. I don’t see that happening this week, I’d take the Steelers to cover, just some food for thought though.

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