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The Best Unibet Super Bowl LIV Promotions in Pennsylvania

The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs will take to Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida on February 2, at 6:30 P.M. for the right to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Many are pulling for the Kool Aid Man, Andy Reid, to finally win his first Super Bowl while others are hoping to see Kyle Shanahan make up for his terrible playcalling against the Patriots in Super Bowl LI that allowed the Patriots to overcome a 28-3 second half deficit. But both Shanahan’s and Reid’s teams can put points up on the board in bunches and Unibet is here to offer you three specific Super Bowl Promotions to help you take advantage of all the points that will be scored. Here are Unibets’ Super Bowl LIV Promotions for Pennsylvania bettors.

Unibet’s Touchdown Frenzy Super Bowl Promotion

Unibet knows everyone is excited about all the points that are probably going to go up on the board in Super Bowl LIV. Knowing that, they are offering a promotion for those sports bettors who also love to dabble in casino betting. Unibet is bringing you their Touchdown Frenzy Super Bowl promotion, where bettors can win $5 to the Unibet casino for every touchdown scored by your team in the game. All bettors have to do is make a minimum $5 moneyline bet on whichever team they think is going to win, and if their team wins, they will get a $5 casino bonus for every touchdown.

Still a little confused? Here is an example for those that still have love for Andy Reid. Let’s say you put $50 on the Chiefs to win. The 49ers can’t handle the Chiefs explosive passing attack, hammering the 49ers through the air with bombs to Tyreek Hill and seam passes to Travis Kelce. The Chiefs massacre the 49ers, defeating them 56-10, scoring eight touchdowns in the game. If that happens, you win $40 to the Unibet casino (eight touchdowns x $5, or 8x$5=$40).

So get ready to jump on this promotion on Friday January 31st!

Unibet’s Endzone Refund Super Bowl Promotion

With so many people placing “First Touchdown Scorer” prop bets on Super Bowl LIV, Unibet has decided to create a special promotion around the popular Super Bowl prop bet. Unibet has come up with their Endzone Refund Super Bowl Promotion, which will allow betters a chance to receive a refund of up to $50 if their First Touchdown Scorer prop bet doesn’t hit.

Here is how to take advantage of Unibet’s Endzone Refund promotion. All bettors that place at least $5 on the “First Touchdown Scorer” prop bet (the first player to score a touchdown) will get a matched refund of up to $50 (i.e., any domination fewer than $50 will get refunded) if the bet loses. The only thing to note though is this applies to only the first “First Touchdown Scorer” prop bet. I.e., you are more than free to choose two, three, or however many players you like to score the first touchdown of the game, however, the refund only applies to the first bet you make on the “First Touchdown Scorer” prop bet and not to any of your other picks.

Unibet’s Halftime Super Boost

What’s better than two Unibet Super Bowl Promotions? Three of course. The Third Super Bowl promotion offered by Unibet is an in-game promotion; Unibet’s Halftime Super Boost. The Unibet Halftime Super Boost is straightforward; Unibet is going to give players the opportunity to boost any bet offered during halftime of Super Bowl LIV. Although the max bet allowed is $25 on the Super Boost, bettors merely have to click on any bey they want during halftime, click on “Bonus Offers” and afterwards, the boost will pop up. However, players need to be on their toes; once halftime is over, the boost disappears.

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