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The State of Sports in Pennsylvania as of April 8, 2020

The sports world has come to a stop due to the Coronavirus. With all four major sports out of action for nearly a month now, we’re all waiting to see when they might resume.

Here are a few headlines around the Pennsylvania teams to keep you up to date during this time.

NHL: Philadelphia Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers were one of the teams most affected by the Coronavirus stoppage. They had a lot of momentum going into March and then that came to a complete stop. If the season resumes, they will have to continue without that momentum.

The Flyers recently donated a quarter of a million dollars to help Philabundance, Philadelphia’s largest hunger relief organization, feed people during the Coronavirus pandemic.

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins

Like the Flyers, the Penguins were also in playoff position at the stoppage. They didn’t have the same recent success as Philadelphia, but Pittsburgh was still looking pretty good heading into the playoffs.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies

The Major League Baseball season is still awaiting its start. There have been talks of playing a 100-game season starting on July 4th, and recently they have reportedly discussed having all teams play their games in a central location: Arizona.

In injury news, the Phillies will have outfielder Andrew McCutchen back for the start of the season. His season ended early last year due to a knee injury and he was slated to be out until April, causing him to miss the start of the season. But now he’ll be ready.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh fans weren’t really that psyched for the MLB season anyway, as the Pirates were expected to struggle yet again. However, it’d be nice to have any sort of sports action right now.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers

Coronavirus stopped basketball across North America, and as one of the biggest contact sports without much protection, it’s understandable. The NBA will need the Coronavirus to nearly completely go away before restarting. There have been talks of cancelling the rest of the season.

If the season does resume, the Sixers were given some time for superstars Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid to get healthy. 

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles

While the NHL, MLB, and NBA cancelled games due to the Coronavirus, NFL free agency has been in full swing.

The Eagles lost Malcolm Jenkins in free agency but have attempted to replace him. They re-signed both Jalen Mills and Rodney McLeod in the secondary and added defensive tackle Javon Hargrave up front.

The most notable transaction was the Eagles’ acquisition of cornerback Darius Slay. 

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers added defensive tackle Cavon Walker, who rose to prominence in the XFL in five games this season. They also signed veteran offensive guard Stefen Wisnewski, who has Super Bowl experience under his belt. Their most exciting addition is tight end Eric Ebron, who can add some skill on the offensive side of the ball.

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