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The State of Sports in Pennsylvania as of April 23, 2020

The sports world is still in a state of Coronavirus purgatory. We have now gone over a month without major sports, but there are still updates in each league that you should know about.

Here are a few headlines around the major sports leagues to keep you up to date during this trying time.


The NHL is looking at every single option in trying to restart their season at the earliest possible point.

The NHL season went into a forced break thanks to the virus with less than a month until the end of the regular season. They are exploring plenty of options on the best possible practices for teams and stadiums and how/when resuming the season is possible.

The NHL may roll the season back to 68 games and seed teams for the postseason depending on where they stand after the 68 games as opposed to the regular 82. They could also resume the regular season at neutral sites although that idea is losing more and more steam with each passing day.


The NBA and NHL have always been sister leagues as the two are the major Winter sports leagues in North America. Beyond that, some NBA and NHL teams even share stadiums and venues. So now more than ever, whenever you see an update for the NBA, you can look to the NHL and figure what is good (or bad) for one is good (or bad) for the other.

They both share 82 game schedules and both had their seasons stopped before the end of the regular season and with playoff pushes going on. And the similarities continue when it comes to the Coronavirus as the NBA, like the NHL, is looking to explore neutral site games or different options to resume the season.


The MLB is the league that is quite possibly the most in flux because of Coronavirus. Spring Training was in full swing in the beginning of March, with Opening Day slated for March 26th. However, that has all been put to on halt due to the Coronavirus.

Major League Baseball has the most options in dealing with their season as they had not begun, so in a way, no teams will gain or lose anything. It’s a clean slate.

One of the most talked about options is playing games at neutral sites. Teams could return to their Spring Training homes in Florida and Arizona and play from there, though that would likely require some sort of realignment for this season.

A full 162-game season is likely out of the realm of possibility, but there are still plenty of options for MLB to look at although the “sequester teams and players at neutral sites and in hotels” is starting to lose traction.


The National Football League is chugging along during the Coronavirus pandemic. Their free agency period opened up without a hitch, and the NFL Draft is soon to follow. 

It will be a virtual draft, as teams can’t get together due to the Coronavirus, but all teams will draft as scheduled.

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