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Online Video Poker in Pennsylvania

If you an experienced video poker player you know that the game involves more than chasing the royal flushes and depending on luck. Compared to most casino games, video poker requires a large amount of decision  making. This means there are certain things players can do to beat the house edge. However, in order to do this, you need to come up with a strategy that will increase your RTP (return to player). Below are top online video poker tips for both beginners and experienced players who want to hone their video poker skills.

Video poker online PA

Choosing the Perfect Play Tables

Video poker is a transparent game and to most new players, the video poker machines will look all the same. Any slight change in the play tables will affect the house edge a great deal. Although some players might not think of it because they are playing video poker online, the odds of any card probability coming out are the same as a normal poker game because each spin only consist of one deck of 52 cards.

In other words, it is possible for a player to theoretically calculate the probability of any outcome. Combining this information with what you know about the various hands’ payouts, you can get the expected overall return for any bet you will place. The other interesting feature with online video poker is that there are sites which will help you compare the payback percentages and paytables of the various video poker variants.

Joining A Video Poker Players Club

Online video poker has just as many fans as the regular video poker in a casino. Online casinos in Pennsylvania have players clubs for different games where players share insights and tips about a particular game. In addition to that, there are online casinos, which offer bonus promotions and offers for members of the various players’ clubs.

The players’ clubs are available for both online and offline video poker games. When you join a video poker players club you get 0.3% or 0.4% RTP, when combined with the low house advantage of the game, this brings an even higher chance of coming out ahead. Apart from that, you can get frequent updates and intel on how to improve your gaming strategies from other expert players. The only downside of joining a player’s clubs would be the frequent notifications and advertisements in your email.

Practicing Playing Online Video Poker in Pennsylvania Before Playing

You can play free video poker at most online casinos in Pennsylvania. But to avoid wasting time you need to practice with the right game. As a player, you need to play only the best games that will give you highest chances of winning. This is one of the golden online video poker tips.

Playing the demo version of video poker for beginners is very helpful since it gives a simple understanding of the game without the worry of losing any money. To have a video poker strategy you need to have a deep understanding of the game. There are also video poker programs for beginners where one can pay for a tutorial while learning how to play video poker. Online casinos offer 24/7 customer support for all players in case of any hiccup.

Online Video Poker in Pennsylvania Strategy: Jacks or Better

One of the most common video poker variants is Jacks or Better. It’s also the basis of most video poker variants, therefore, having a strategy based on the game will be useful in other video poker variants. The following strategy will help you in keeping the house edge at less than 1%.

First, here are the ranking of the hands in online video poker when you should never fold:

  • Royal flush
  • Straight flush
  • Full house
  • 3 of a kind
  • 4 of a kind
  • 2 pair

Here is what you should do when faced with the decision on whether to fold, or gamble

  • A low Pair (10s or Lower): stay in the hand, keep the pair, and request three new cards in an attempt to hit three of a kind or hit another pair
    • Alternatively, if you have a low pair and another card that is J, K, Q, or A, feel free to keep the high card along with the low pair in attempt for two pair, but this strategy is debated
  • Straight Draws: If you have an up and down straight draw (meaning you have 5, 6, 7, 8, X), keep the four cards that are in sequence and request a new card for Card X. the reason for this is you have 8 chances to hit your card. However, in a gut shot situation (meaning you have 7, 8, X, 10, J), it is actually better to keep the J, and request four new cards because you have increased your chances of winning when only a 9 or J (8 cards) could net you a win to J and any other number combination therein
    • There are caveats to this and certain players will play gutshots differently because of the payout system, but this is a beginner’s guide to learning online video poker strategy

Studying Strategies of Other Video Poker Variants

There are different games in a casino and the same applies to video poker variants. If you are planning on playing various video poker games then its best to pick the variants with the best odds. Bonus Poker games are very popular because they offer bonus payouts to players who get certain hands like “4 of a Kind.” Sometimes online video poker games can offer payback of up to 99+%.

However, because these various online video poker games are all different, you have to go into them with slightly altered strategies. When you compare and contrast the different variants you will notice the difference in strategies, so make sure you know which strategy to use with which game before choosing.

Knowing the Do’s & Don’ts of Video Poker

Your universal strategy of playing online video poker variants like a pro will depend on you knowing all the dos and don’ts of the game.

The Do’s

  • Unless you are a casual player looking to just have fun, play the highest coin size
  • Play only when in a restful and good mood with as little distractions as possible
  • Learning the proper strategy for each particular game before playing
  • Have a bankroll that can survive the ups and downs of the game and never go beyond that bankroll

The Don’ts

  • Playing longer than you can comfortably afford
  • Playing multiple games which by themselves are fine, but together are too expensive for you
  • Playing any video poker game without looking at the paytable
  • Playing when under the influence or tired
  • Assuming you can beat the machine or software by not putting some work into it
  • Be obsessed with the Royal Flushes and only target the very big wins

Additional Tips and Tricks

Apart from the above tips, you can implement the following extra tricks into your gaming strategy when playing online video poker strategy.

  • Knowing when not to bet the maximum coin
  • If you are a beginner, it’s good to learn about the Video Poker Strategy Chart and play a demo first
  • When faced with tough hands, you can use a calculator to get the actual probability of hands
  • Use a bankroll calculator when playing the game


Mastering the above tips and tricks of playing online video poker is a good start down the road to becoming a master at the game. However, in order to get your bearings, it is always a good idea to take advantage of the demos offered by the online casinos in Pennsylvania. Once you feel comfortable with the tips and playing the demos, you can then turn to the real thing and try your luck at all the different types of online video poker. Remember, each game has its own quirks so make sure you pick the game that is best for you.

However, the action is fast, so ensure you pay attention to your bankroll and play the game in the right frame of mind. Online video poker is great for beginners and standard poker fans alike because of the low house edge. So take advantage of the opportunity offered whether you are at home, on the road, or wherever you play video poker online in Pennsylvania.